“Viccy worked with our small group of creative writing teachers during a week-long writing retreat, facilitating daily group sessions as well as offering individual coaching. Viccy brought valuable structure to our week, gently leading us through a series of activities and discussions that encouraged us to focus on our professional strengths as writers and teachers, to reframe the barriers to progress that we identified, and to deepen our understanding of our creative practice. We all benefited greatly from her organised, professional manner, her supportive approach and the calm, friendly environment she created – and I came away with specific techniques to improve my writing fluency and to tackle bad habits.”

“I regularly ask Viccy to come in and teach on university Creative Writing modules, where she always delivers surprising, pitch-perfect and inspiring sessions. I’m always struck by her innate feel for the challenges young writers face, and by her ability to lead students to the realisation that they themselves hold the keys to their own improvement through skills they already possess, but hadn’t recognised. And never mind my students, I come away from Viccy’s sessions reinvigorated and inspired.”

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