Teaching: Newcastle University International Summer School (NUISS) 2011

For the fourth year running I’ve been teaching the prose element of the Newcastle University International Summer School (NUISS) creative writing module (with Stevie Ronnie taking able care of the poetry element). This morning was my final seminar with Nathalie and Elina, and tomorrow I’m nipping across the border to teach on the SUISS creative writing course. I’ve had a lot of fun over the last three weeks and hopefully some of that will have translated into my students sharing my joy in writing, ducklings, secondhand books, coffee breaks and talking to other writers about their work. After the success of last year’s inaugural creative writing taster session with the Fulbright Scholars before the main NUISS programme started, I was delighted to be asked to run a similar session this year, repeating the popular backstage tour of Northern Stage and incorporating the fortuitous discovery of a flip-chart in my teaching room. Here’s a mini photo-diary of a few of the sessions:

Amy Carter explains the history of the theatre to the Fulbright Scholars
Showing us the ropes (literally)
Revealling secrets in the dressing rooms
Silently sneaking into a rehearsal
Back to the drawing board
Brainstorming motivation
Brainstorming motivation
Collating feedback
Visiting the ducklings by the Civic Centre
Silent Scribbling
Collaborating on an audio drama
Typing-up scripts for a read-through
Tour of Barter Books with David Williams & the ‘Making Literature’ NUISS students
David shows us the Barter Books stockrooms
Coffee break during intensive editing session

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