Informatics: computer poetry

It has been a quiet day in the Forum- lots of writing about Ada and GIL, and a little reading through the first couple of chapters in Data Made Flesh: Embodying Information, edited by Robert Mitchell and Phillip Thurtle (part of my trawl from the library). Then the usual emails and daydreaming and wandering up … Continue reading Informatics: computer poetry

Informatics: observations from my observation post

Armed with a cup of tea and my notebook, I spent much of this morning sitting in the mini-Forum on Level two, listening to the dulcet voice of the lift (Going up. Level Three, doors opening) and writing up conversations from the Ada and GIL story. A note here on process: if I don’t know … Continue reading Informatics: observations from my observation post

Informatics: a sense of entitlement

Technology win for the day- regaining access to word-processing on my laptop, having become bereft of Microsoft Word after updating to Lion. Also signed and sorted my contract, and delivered a package of books to a friend. The book package included The Suicide Shop by Jean Teulé mentioned in last week’s blog: I enjoyed it, … Continue reading Informatics: a sense of entitlement

Informatics: Word Power

Plenty of reading and researching morning, this time looking more closely at existing models of computer-automated fiction-editing software packages and services. I started by reading up on story-generation research projects – the highlight of which were a couple of papers by Neil McIntyre and Mirella Lapata (both based here in the School of Informatics): 'Learning … Continue reading Informatics: Word Power

Informatics: reading in the rain

Another rainy day here in Edinburgh. Spent the first part of the morning making myself a reading list of books from the library, and reading the PDF of a PhD thesis by Henrik Schärfe (Aalborg University, 2004) entitled ‘CANA: A study in Computer Aided Narrative Analysis’. Then I took a writing break and doodled around … Continue reading Informatics: reading in the rain

Informatics: an apprenticeship in adaptation

This morning Professor Sethu Vijayakumar – Director of the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour  – very patiently talked me through the different areas of robotics research undertaken in the forum, and explained how the different expertise in Machine Learning in the department led to a diversity of application domains, each with specific demands and … Continue reading Informatics: an apprenticeship in adaptation

Informatics: maps & masterclasses

Back again to the starting-to-become-familiar spaces of the Forum. Most of this morning was spent talking to Jon about plans for masterclasses with researchers in the School. Roughly speaking we’ve identified three areas of interest: 1)    Titles of academic papers. 2)    100 word statements for RAE/REF 3)    Overviews of grant proposals. The next step is … Continue reading Informatics: maps & masterclasses

Informatics: What am I doing here?

Most of this morning was spent reading about various Informatics research projects online and emailing people to set up meetings for next week. I watched a podcast of Nigel Topham talking about his work on micro computer chips and one of Sethu Vijayakumar talking about his research into robots and motion. I finally found the name … Continue reading Informatics: What am I doing here?

Informatics: the residency begins

Day One started – as all sensible plans do – with a trip round the Forum admin & HR offices to have my passport photocopied so my contract could be set up, temporary office space designated, and relevant keys and swipe-cards procured. With all that swiftly out the way, I went to see Prof. Jon … Continue reading Informatics: the residency begins