Informatics: arrival of the camera

Very excited this afternoon- the Sony Bloggie Touch (with 360° lens attachment) arrived and once I’d managed to download the right software for it to work with my Mac, I spent an hour or so filming myself walking around it and waving my hands like fish in a fishbowl.

Check out some rudimentary clips from my experiments, though be warned that they’re not exactly exciting for anyone apart from me at this stage…

For the narratives themselves I finished chapter seven in In The Eye of the Beholder, and made some notes on Capgras syndrome (where the sufferer believes that certain familiar people have been replaced by impostors: possibly due to damage to the temporal lobe, leading to a lack of emotional orienting response). I also did some more background orientation on user-involved video-art, the most interesting examples I found today being Stephanie Vegh’s summaries of various installations.

In other news, Clare and I continued to work on Entitlement and plans for our workshop of title selection. An earlier version inspired by sound mixing desks has been resurrected so we can compare user preference at the workshop in December, and the tool now also has a feedback survey. I also managed to lock myself out of my office briefly (thank you Irene for finding the masterkey), rip two holes in my tights, and get avocado on my keyboard.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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