Informatics: talking tables

Having spent the last couple of months disturbing my friends and families (and occasionally complete strangers) by filming them eating and drinking round tables, today I went to Inspace to play with the Puffersphere and see how the different shapes of tables, lighting systems, combinations of people and spatialisation worked when displayed on the sphere. … Continue reading Informatics: talking tables

Informatics: will write in exchange for kittens

Today’s Special Mention goes to Dr Malcah Effron for bringing Written?Kitten! to my attention this morning. For every 100 words you write (you can vary the amount of words) you get a new picture of a kitten being cute. I’ve been trying with mixed success to keep up my daily 750 words, so I haven’t … Continue reading Informatics: will write in exchange for kittens

Informatics: discussion generation vs title generation

At lunchtime, Clare Llewellyn and myself ran a workshop called ‘Killer Titles: The relationships between a research paper's content, citations, abstract and title’. The abstract that was circulated for the workshop was written in what I like to think of as ‘official’ language: By drawing on an individual paper’s abstract and references, our prototype title … Continue reading Informatics: discussion generation vs title generation

Informatics: Monitoring progress

A new arrival in the office today- I’ve borrowed a monitor from my (wonderful, generous hearted, angelic) brother, so that that there's a screen larger than eleven inches to edit the video clips on when I’m working up here. I spent remarkably little time either writing or editing today, but in a suitably postmodern fashion … Continue reading Informatics: Monitoring progress

Informatics: Cyberfootball

Having sorted my Edinburgh uni/email access last week, I’m now privy to the internal mailing lists, which are truly comedy. The full range sent goes from from ‘tips on mustache styling’, through ‘waffle iron for sale’ and on to a consulting job for someone with hypervisor programming experience. At least one in every three emails … Continue reading Informatics: Cyberfootball

Write for East Africa

  He watched them running: slipping and grabbing each other’s hands and shoulders in an attempt to break through without breaking rank. The mud plastered their hair wetly against their scalps, making so many shadowed skulls where a moment before had been grim faces. He thought – and didn’t know why, except that with the … Continue reading Write for East Africa