Write for East Africa


He watched them running: slipping and grabbing each other’s hands and shoulders in an attempt to break through without breaking rank. The mud plastered their hair wetly against their scalps, making so many shadowed skulls where a moment before had been grim faces. He thought – and didn’t know why, except that with the deafening roar the open mouths could be as easily laughing as screaming – of seeing his childhood friends run through the jets of fireman’s hoses back home in London.

In September I attended a couple of writing workshops as part of a charity fundraiser – Write For East Africa – organised by the editor of Friction, Alex Lockwood. Sold out shortly after beingadvertised, the intensive day of different workshops at the Settledown Cafe was a fantastic fundraiser for the East African famine appeal. All the tutors gave their time and expertise for free, and the whole day had a really cheery ‘buzz’ to it. You can read some of the fruits of the day –  including my piece ‘Creeping Like Snail’  – on the Friction website.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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