Dirty Laundry # 8

In Eloise’s dream she is racketing though a city on a high-speed underground train. The carriage is lit with neon and nothing seems to have an edge; the chairs blend into the floor as if they have started to melt. The full photo/story combo for Dirty Laundry # 8 is now up on our web-gallery across … Continue reading Dirty Laundry # 8

Informatics: cyborg books

Balmy weather in Edinburgh today, so I spent an hour or so writing (the Ada and GIL novel) on a bench in The Meadows on the way in to work. The section I was working on was inspired by the view of The Forum peeping over the buildings on Buchanan Street, and how it disappears … Continue reading Informatics: cyborg books

Informatics: better late-night than never

Today saw a switch back to thinking about Ada and GIL. It started with meeting Bob Fisher this morning for a chat about his research, which introduced me to the term ‘salience’ (lovely word), and a discussion - amongst other things - on how we’re hardwired to recognise certain things such as hands and faces, … Continue reading Informatics: better late-night than never

Informatics: our cyber world

Today I was defeated by machinery: the Forum roof-garden access is now controlled by a swipecard located far enough from the actual door that you need two people to successfully exit the building. Once I’d figured that out, it was kindly pointed out by my helper that the door was also double-locked. So I gave … Continue reading Informatics: our cyber world

The Peripatetic Studio: artistic practice on the move

As part of our collaboration, two.5, Samantha and I share work and collaborate in real time through the medium of digital technologies (shared webgallery, process-charting blog, internet telephone and text service, email, Facebook, Twitter). Naturally, the digital space in which we work together has a huge influence on the work we produce together. A key element … Continue reading The Peripatetic Studio: artistic practice on the move

Informatics: grin and Bear it

I skipped out for a yoga class at lunchtime, so this afternoon was very zen. I’ve been looking into interactive storytelling. Most specifically I’ve been playing the audio-accompaniment to The National Film Board of Canada’s Bear 71 on loop in the background while I’ve been working. Bear 71 is based on the true story of … Continue reading Informatics: grin and Bear it

Informatics: writing on the move

Only a half-day actually physically in The Forum; the rest of this afternoon has been spent scribbling in my notebook on a train to Sheffield. Most of this morning I’ve been doing what I like to call ‘housekeeping’, which mainly involves collating my notes and turning them into fully linked, photo-illustrated blog posts. Charting my … Continue reading Informatics: writing on the move

Informatics: the glory of writing stories

Today has been a glorious cracked-nut of a creative day. This morning was the usual jumble of emails and adjustments and half-hearted attempts at writing official reports. Then I went to Inspace at lunchtime for the first CIRCLE meeting of 2012. Mel Woods was talking about a project she is involved in, called SerenA: Chance … Continue reading Informatics: the glory of writing stories

Informatics: originally and significantly rigorous

Today was the Research Excellence Framework workshop, one in a short series exploring how creative writing techniques might be of use to academic writing. We kicked off with a short presentation by Prof. Stephen Gilmore on the REF and university guidelines for the 100 word ‘additional information’ statements researchers can submit alongside the pieces of … Continue reading Informatics: originally and significantly rigorous