Informatics: better late-night than never

Today saw a switch back to thinking about Ada and GIL. It started with meeting Bob Fisher this morning for a chat about his research, which introduced me to the term ‘salience’ (lovely word), and a discussion – amongst other things – on how we’re hardwired to recognise certain things such as hands and faces, and how rats are more intelligent than hamsters. I came away with several ideas on how to progress my imaginary robots, most of which can be encapsulated in the lyrics to ‘The Air That I Breathe’. I’ll leave it there, cryptically, until the ideas are written out properly as part of the story.

I went to yoga again, caught up on emails and all the small admin tasks which manage to accumulate from week to week. I stayed later than usual in the forum, not leaving the building until the back of nine. Which is how I discovered that – contrary to the expectation I’d had, and the way I’ve been writing Ada and GIL – the Forum is about as busy at 9pm as it is at 10am. It is also still mainly fully lit, although not fully staffed. This means I need to completely re-think most of the later scenes in the novel, since Ada and GIL are supposed to be sneaking around after hours and, well, there doesn’t seem to be an ‘after-hours’. I think I’m going to need to bring snack in and stay over night and see what happens.

Today’s best-link shout-out goes to Samantha, for this link to Mark Grist on Girls Who Read.

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I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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