The Peripatetic Studio: artistic practice on the move

As part of our collaboration, two.5, Samantha and I share work and collaborate in real time through the medium of digital technologies (shared webgallery, process-charting blog, internet telephone and text service, email, Facebook, Twitter). Naturally, the digital space in which we work together has a huge influence on the work we produce together. A key element of two.5 is that we chart the effect of the collaboration on our creative processes, to help us understand better how we work both as individuals and together.

As a result of various events and discussions (you can read a little more about that here) we have launched The Peripatetic Studio: an online space where artists from different disciplines can discuss the relationship between space, its effect on their practice and the work they produce. Initial invites have been sent out to selected practitioners whose work we’re already acquainted with, but we’re interested in hearing from anyone who feels they have something to add to the discussion, or who wants to recommend someone for us to invite. If you’re interested in guest-blogging or nominating a creative practitioner, please email viccyandsamantha (at)

Me looking at a photo of Samantha’s ‘car-office’ of the day (that she tweeted me), on my laptop in my Edinburgh office. I subsequently tweeted her this picture. At which point the entire universe collapsed.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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