Informatics: getting ethical

Today I registered for a symposium on Alan Turing that’s being hosted by Informatics in May. The Andrew Hodges biography (Alan Turing: The Enigma) has arrived in the post, but I’ve been busy catching up on my pre-reading of novels for the NCLA Festival of Belonging in Newcastle this weekend, so I have’t cracked it … Continue reading Informatics: getting ethical

Informatics: metaphorical cake

  Having been thoroughly rained on as I walked into work with my father this morning, the rest of the day has been fabulously sunny. The department was quiet again- perhaps it’s the lull back into teaching after the Easter holidays? Or perhaps it’s just because the desk by the window looks out onto an … Continue reading Informatics: metaphorical cake

General update- April 2012

As you can see from my more regular blog about my Leverhulme Residency at the School of Informatics, Edinburgh University the last couple of months have been busy like unto a bee. I'm particularly delighted to have been selected to take part in the World Event Young Artists showcase in Nottingham this September, an event … Continue reading General update- April 2012

Informatics: a room with a view

Today the Forum was very quiet- perhaps there’s some kind of secret carnival going on that all the researchers have gone to. I took a field trip to Elephant and Bagel and imagined what it would be like to walk in there as Ada. It’s something I do quite a lot once I get to … Continue reading Informatics: a room with a view