Informatics: reading out loud

This morning I gave my first public reading from my residency novel-in-progress, Prototype, at the P{e/a}r{i/a}meter CIRCLE research symposium. I started off feeling like a slight fraud as I’m writing about fictional technology from a traditional writing viewpoint (not quite quill and parchment, but not far off) rather than developing new technology, or work which … Continue reading Informatics: reading out loud

Once upon a Tyne

Last week the wonderful and eclectic poetry and music night, Trashed Organ, curated the fringe programme for the NCLA Festival of Belonging. As well as a series of workshops, they put on a stonking four night of diverse performances themed around different aspects of 'belonging'. The final night was called 'I Don't Think We've Met … Continue reading Once upon a Tyne

Informatics: expert advice

How does one test smoke detectors in The Forum? One gets a long, red pole with a sort of catching-cup device mounted on the end. When pressed, the cup emits a short blast of compressed air and ‘synthetic stuff’ that mimics smoke, right into the smoke detector. The whole things looks rather like a piece … Continue reading Informatics: expert advice