Informatics: drums, drums in the deep…

Drum soundchecks on the BBC stage outside the office window. One of my office-mates almost gave me a heartattack- I was deep in the middle of writing, with Fat Boy Slim blaring out of my headphone when she tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I minded if she shut the window. Don’t think I’ve laughed as much in this office at any other point over the past ten months.

The story for ~Flow turned out to be three times longer and much darker than I’d planned, and it took me the entire day (including cancelling lunchtime yoga) to finish, but it’s done. I emailed it out for feedback, then had a quick play around with the visualisation tool. I was interested to see a strong correlation between anticipation and sadness, but mainly I was still too stuck in the ‘just having finished it’ to be able to start thinking about which areas need the heaviest editing.

I used Freedom again this morning; that and a large air of headphones have done wonders in getting this draft finished on schedule. The to-do list for the weekend seems to have stretched again. I did find time over lunch to start looking through the Fringe programme and have so far circled two pieces of theatre inspired directly by Alan Turing.

Anyone with a spare half hour or so this weekend, please log on and have a go at this online creative writing exercise to help out with some research being done here at Informatics: sign up and you’ll be sent a link to the exercise. It’s part of an MSc dissertation due in mid-August, so we need feedback ASAP…

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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