Informatics: compiling snippets

Yesterday I came in to catch up on some work and to see how the Forum feels on a Sunday, out of term time. the answer was quiet, but not empty or dark at any point. There were only a few offices with people visible in them, but I still heard the lift announcing that it was going down, closing doors, opening doors and so forth at frequent intervals. The early pieces of writing abut Ada and GIL used the ‘night hours’ of the Forum as a dark and private space, and it looks as though there’s never a time when the Forum is entirely unpopulated. Given that the corridor lights are motion sensitive, the darkness aspect doesn’t really exist either.

As a result, I’ve gathered together my different snippets from the last ten months and am about to start excavating them into an approximate order, to work out which parts of the various plots need to be changed (for plausibility rather than verisimilitude). I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to start finding holes again, so I can start asking questions to plug them.

Robert’s dissertation on the emotion/sentiment visualisation tool for writers is coming on apace. Anyone who wants to have a play and give him feedback needs to do so ASAP as he needs the results from the survey by THIS SATURDAY (11 August). Likewise, if you’ve signed up to do the online creative writing exercise for Mohammed’s dissertation but haven’t yet completed it, please do so this week!

There’s been a slight delay on getting back to people who submitted for Take Tea With Turing as we try to work out if it will be possible to include certain pieces or not within the confines of ‘technology’. I’m hoping to respond individually with acceptances or otherwise within the next fortnight.

Nothing else exciting to report from today- just admin, endless emails, and hunting through the piles of paper on my desk to find the various torn-off-edges of things with lines for Ada and GIL on them.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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