two.5 update

In late November 2012 two.5 – my collaboration with the photographic media artist, Samantha Silver –  were delighted to receive an Artists’ International Development grant from the Arts Council joint with the British Council. The grant funds three trips between December 2012 and March 2013 for us to work for concentrated bursts of time in the same physical space, rather than through our usual mish-mash of digital communications software.

Making index-page mock-ups for Dirty Laundry in Brooklyn

We completed the first trip over the festive season when I flew out to New York for a couple of weeks of intensive R&D which included researching artists books at Printed Matter, judging stories at The Moth, the photo-shoot for DL#12, and some interesting New Year’s day outfits down at Coney Island. You can see the photo diary from Trip One up on the two.5 blog.


visiting Stevie Ronnie at his studi

Samantha is now across with me in Newcastle, creating mock-ups for an edited, more curated version of our work-in-progress, Dirty Laundry. We’ve been talking to artists, investing in hardware, and co-hosted a Valentine Tea Party for past and future contributors to The Peripatetic Studio, photos of which are now up on our Facebook page. Later this week we’ll be heading South for The Story conference and to consult with a paper expert.

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I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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