Celebrating the first draft

Calling it the first draft is somewhat coy; I've been sitting on this idea for a novel since February 2010, when I read an article in the Guardian Weekend revisiting Bill McKibben's book Maybe One. Something clicked in my brain and I went off on an imagination riff on fertility economics in the age of climate … Continue reading Celebrating the first draft

I Miss Her (#shortstory)

I play my grandmother’s memory loss in a game for closeness. ‘Gene Richards,’ she says.  ‘I was thinking about him the other day.’ ‘He wasn’t at the funeral, was he?’ I say, because we had this conversation when I called in yesterday, and I want to both want to speed over it and humour her … Continue reading I Miss Her (#shortstory)

NaNoWriMo and beyond

Having been cheerfully defeated by NanoWriMo for the second year running, I'm now dusting off my pom-poms to cheerlead for the lovely Gina Hepburn's novel instead. I'm chalking up not finishing this year to working on a continuing novel, which is a huge improvement on last year's defeat-by-day-job. So, why take part in the first … Continue reading NaNoWriMo and beyond