Campaign update & perk featurette: BOXERS

We’re over a quarter of the way there now, thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

We’re less than a week into the campaign for On The Same Page, and have already raised almost 25%  of our goal. Visit our Indiegogo page to see our pitch video & browse the full list of perks.


£35 / $57

Give our project freedom of movement with these Boxers

To thank you for your BOXERS donation we’ll send you a set of 12 exclusive story postcards, featuring images and extracts from the Dirty Laundry series, wrapped up in ribbon. You’ll also receive a handwritten thank you note.


An exclusive audio version of one of the stories from the Dirty Laundry series, recorded by sound engineer Danielle Warman at Chiller Sound, read by professional voice actors Michael Kendrick & Lisette Silva and introduced by a personalised dedication from Viccy & Samantha.

Access to our secret Dirty Laundry Basket, where you can view previously unreleased images from the Dirty Laundry series…

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