Campaign update & perk featurette: LINGERIE

Calling all high-rollers looking to commission something special…

One for the high-rollers perhaps, but we’ve plenty of perks for those of you looking to invest a smaller but still very welcome amount of cash in our campaign. Visit our Indiegogo page to see our pitch video & browse the full list of perks.


£750 / $1226

Lingerie: because you’re worth it (and so is our project)

To show our appreciation for this amazing level of financial generosity, we will do one extra Dirty Laundry-style photo shoot and story, for your eyes only. (NB- this will be emailled to you, and will not be available in the app).


Licensed copy of our software files for the On The Same Page app template AND a PDF guide on how to use them

Full audio set of the 12 stories from the Dirty Laundry series, recorded by sound engineer Danielle Warman at Chiller Sound, read by professional voice actors Michael Kendrick…

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