‘Marching Orders’ published in Number Eleven magazine

Lunch ends with the head waiter kissing my grandmother on both cheeks. He calls her ‘beautiful girl’ and forgives her for not having eaten more than a few mouthfuls of her melanzane parmigiano. While she appreciates the attention, gran doesn’t understand it– the table behind us are beery loud, she’s slightly cross with me for paying, and she usually pretends not to understand English spoken with a non-British accent […]


Read the rest of the story in Issue 4 of Number Eleven Magazine, alongside some other excellent stories — from the likes of Nicholas Murray, Rob Walton, Brindley Hallam Dennis, Jhaki M.S. Landgrebe, Graham Connors, Phoebe Hamilton-Jones, Alayna Palmer Hanneken, and David McVey — and artwork by James Keane.

This piece is more autobiographical than my usual writing and is, for obvious reasons, dedicated to my lovely, stubborn grandmother.



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