Birds may fly (flash fiction)

Falling off the wall had been the most exciting thing ever to happen to Jane.  The doctor’s soft hands, the crisp white hospital sheets, the smoothness of the empty vase next to her bed.

‘I promise to be more careful,’ she said, scrunching her eyes as the plastic tube was slid out from her arm.

‘At your age, we advise a short holiday with family,’ the doctor tapped his pen on his clipboard and looked out the window whenever he spoke to her.  The view was nothing special, but you could see the colour of the sky in one corner.  ‘Complete bed rest for at least a month.’  Jane swallowed and nodded.  Together, they watched the starlings curve past.

The taxi driver dropped her by the pier.  He helped set her up on the crutches, then she tipped him double to make sure he didn’t stay to watch.

*first published online in issue 14 of Streetcake in 2010

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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