#Lexigraph update: punctuation & letters wanted

8 days after my original call out and we’re up to 652 photos of words. Woo hoo! Thank you to all the lovely Tweeps & emaillers for your more than generous response. So generous, in fact, that I had to stop RT’ing you on Day 3 to avoid becoming spammy.

With four days to go until I pitch at the STV Digital Spark award to make #Lexigraph turn from an amazing idea into an amazing piece of tech I’d like to issue a slight variation on the ‘lend me your words’ challenge. I’d like to get some interesting punctuation and a wider alphabet of single letters. Words and phrases still gratefully received, naturally. Keep tweeting them using the hashtag #lexigraph so that I can harvest them for the ever-expanding database.

The audience vote on Saturday night will be counted on votes of support tweeted using the #STVspark. So if you’d like to vote for me or any of the other four finalists, get involved by getting tweeting and remember: no hashtag, no vote.

In the meantime, here’s what 652 photos of words (583), phrases (41) and letters (28) looks like:

IMG_8593 IMG_8588 IMG_8599 IMG_8651 IMG_8606 IMG_8603 IMG_8586 IMG_8627 IMG_8598 IMG_8609 IMG_8612 IMG_8617 IMG_8616 IMG_8621 IMG_8622 IMG_8629 IMG_8653 IMG_8589 IMG_8620 IMG_8592 IMG_8657 IMG_8645 IMG_8594 IMG_8637 IMG_8595 IMG_8585 IMG_8624 IMG_865220140105_154434 2014-02-23 17.04.53 2014-05-04 14.43.09 2014-05-06 10.42.43 2014-05-11 18.31.11 2014-05-13 14.26.18 2014-05-24 13.18.10 2014-05-24 13.18.10 2014-05-24 13.18.10 2014-05-24 13.18.10 2014-05-24 13.18.10 2014-06-01 16.46.36 2014-06-01 16.46.36 2014-06-05 14.04.04 marvellous creations press use by pitter patter enjoy me special gunpowder this may affect await instructions no waiting cosy wasch from location reason bomping & stomping premeditated homicide true romance big room hot mess trance in park dee-dum silent closing unit in your arms sweet & free first aid IMG_8942 IMG_8966 joint post leave to live my ownknob Trust hup tribute edinburgh lakes bath entrance significant outreach up lost walk patience sortie photograph autographs improved happy women push functional Occasion Red dogs saw society map the solution solution dangerous cancel repair canny speaking good order imagination listened you tailoring suited hurdle always copyright devotion heart book song free hospital Mango life no happy ruse love book everyday warning artisan plane berserk! bath Use Universe Obstruct Wunderkammer No Handmade ploughing championships Hindsight please permit holders royal only sharp grit courage anatomy standard telephone hum volts exotic inspiration new stub designated hot breakfast frisky scissors stamp old futility high beautiful spirits fine duplication depositories ericaceous glass suburbs lines winner farewell afraid librarian family cookbook comb beach chic star garden art Ae video works eingang toys free alive thrift barber theatre doctors everyday inlet cat loyalty zoom english off experience push warrior fear elf horticulture art son energy learning recycling music crawl design easy pest passport golf horizon greener poster union authentic world sprite bedlam life glam absolute solution simply global hilarious spinach fairy sunday green fresh top studio blot italy holes praxis beware poetical village intent danger1 america speak danger 20140322_114535 2014-09-18 17.06.35 2014-04-29 20.26.52 2014-05-22 10.43.15 2014-06-13 12.32.27 2014-07-11 12.32.08 2014-06-01 16.46.36 2014-07-12 12.01.06 2014-05-18 14.53.21 2014-05-25 12.54.15 2014-05-27 15.29.36 2014-05-24 14.28.00 2014-02-08 22.00.46 2014-02-08 22.00.46 2014-08-28 10.43.00 headphones happy mate updated office dinosaurs pacific go sin caution vision restaurant fighting custard slotted transplanted tea bags post shop treat swan travel level 2 isolation centre peedie california team kitchen bamboo bullet webcam boss pause optic program professional craft recall bag electrical free boulder strong viaduct learning reverse direct absorb whiplash delicious writers aye! limbo photographs lava male IMG_8596 IMG_8647 IMG_8662 IMG_8602 IMG_8661 IMG_8663 IMG_8665 IMG_8650 baby1 speculums gel baby whooping enter oxygen bloods beautiful stylist think gold diet white big room shortlist butterfuly grill promise IMG_8590 IMG_8604 IMG_8605 IMG_8607 named mansion week write eggs easier saga tapes singer corner buttercup teashop giggles clots