In a nutshell (specifically, issue 4 of @Nutshellmag)

The Christmas decorations were ferocious that year; blazing comets on every rooftop and wreaths of fairylights inside every window. Nobody spoke about it at the meetings but we all knew that dark places were dangerous…

Always a joy to receive post. Even better when it’s a surprise parcel- contributors copies of the latest issue of Nutshell magazine, and a matching tote bag.

Having a story selected by editors is warm-fuzzy feeling, but it’s especially warm and especially fuzzy when it means your work is then sympathetically illustrated (thank you Andy Hood) and the print version of the magazine is in colour & perfect bound. As a note for anyone thinking of setting up a lit mag, the editors went through a full re-edit with me, sent through proofs well ahead of time, invited all of us contributors to read at a launch in London last week (sadly I couldn’t make it in person), and sent three contributor copies rather than the standard one. That’s pretty classy.

To read the rest of my story, ‘Waiting’, or to enjoy the poetry, prose & artwork from other contributors then hie thee hence to Nutshell Magazine and order a copy. I believe a digital version will also be available, in due course.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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