Anticipating a month of silence.

I’m leaving the UK for a month, for my residency at Lijiang Studio in Southern China as part of two.5’s latest project. While we’re away we’ll be compiling a digital commonplace book of the area we’re staying in and we’ll be touring that in the UK & USA in Spring/Summer 2015. Depending on our access to the internet/ a VPN during the residency we may be able to blog on the two.5 website.  I shan’t have access to Facebook / Twitter, so apologies in advance for the total lack of interaction that follows this blog post.

During this month of digital silence you can get your creative hits by exploring the shiny, lovely redesigned Peripatetic Studio, which this week saw the publication of Cindy Shearer’s piece on how London in 1978 defined the way she approached her life and her work.

Dirty Laundry will be launching to our crowdfunders in late December (hurrah!), and then released to the general public in January 2015. For more details, sign up to the two.5 newsletter.

In other news: Lexigraph plans are slowly taking shape, the novel is failing to edit itself, my paper on metaphor and creativity is now available in the latest issue of Metaphor and the Social World and my paper on the relationship between wellbeing and creative writing notebooks is forthcoming in the inaugural edition of Writing in Practice.

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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