two.5’s digital Dirty Laundry launches today

Dirty Laundry is an internet-based digital book containing 12 interlacing short stories and photographic triptychs, presented as a custom-designed web app for iPad.




The fruition of my first major collaboration with the American photographer Samantha Silver as two.5, we started DL in 2011 as a call-and-response project across the Atlantic Ocean, experimenting with using various digitally rooted methods of long-distance art & meaning making.

Over the past four years we’ve fought hard to carve out time in our busy schedules to keep the steam of the project going, been awarded grants that allowed us to R&D ways of presenting it and to edit the work together in person rather than via Skype. This time last year we reached out through a (wildly successfully) crowdfunding campaign to cover the final production costs involved with turning our design for the web-app into a reality.

I hope you download and enjoy the experience of our app, tell all your friends/grandmothers to check it out, and so on and so forth. In several months time Samantha and I will be using the same format to publish the results of our residency at Lijiang Studio in China so we’d be very interested in any feedback on how you found playing with it. For anyone interested in reviewing Dirty Laundry or interviewing us, here’s today’s press release:

PRESS RELEASE-two.5 20.01.2015


Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

2 thoughts on “two.5’s digital Dirty Laundry launches today”

  1. first author thing I downloaded on my new ipad! Loved the Jeremy story and looking forward to reading more!


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