Happy-news *blows kisses* #anchoredterset

Thanks to all you amazing people being generous with your support, Samantha and I won the People’s Choice Award category of the New Media Writing Prize for our iPad app, Recollections: 12 vignettes from Lashihai.

Coming from the same quarter, we’re in the final stages of publishing a limited edition printed version of the app – complete with Chinese translation – supported by Lijiang Studio. Pre-order details going out on the two.5 email list soon, sign up here to be kept informed.

If you’re feeling lucky (or have just finished editing a damn fine piece of writing), Josh Turner has listed some upcoming writing competitions over on his blog. And if you’re looking for some creative inspiration consider Sarah Salway’s suggestions for setting Artist Dates (& follow Sarah’s dates on her blog).

For a short, 3-word poem, the anchored terset is the opening to an enormous can of worms. On the other hand it really is just three words and a full stop.

When not bed-ridden with flu this week, I’ve been distracted online by some beautiful things. One I think deserves to be sent around as wide a reach as possible to spark discussion is Lisa Matthews’ creative residency focusing dyslexia, inspired by her own experiences, which has led to her invention of the ‘anchored terset’. You might already have come across it on The Guardian this week, but if not then read up on the Northern Poetry Library’s website and have a go at your own. Here’s mine for the w/e:





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I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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