Spreadsheets & Moxie: the project begins

I’m writing this post on a train, heading for a week at the Arvon Clockhouse with fellow writer Sarah Salway. We’re launching ourselves with enthusiasm into a year of R&D, funded by Arts Council England, on what leadership looks like to women in the creative arts. My bags are packed with paper, crayons, literary card games and temporary book tattoos: all important working tools alongside the yoga mat and notebooks.

The full name for our project is ‘Spreadsheets & Moxie: a rounded approach to professionalism for women in the creative arts’. Sarah has blogged a beautiful introduction explaining what ‘moxie’ is in the context of our work together (I also love the definition suggested to me by @elyzah via Twitter that it means ‘a kind of charismatic bravery‘). We’re spending the next week in retreat together and will be broadcasting snippets of our activities and discussions on Periscope so keep an eye on our Twitter feeds – @Viccyiswriting & @SarahSalway – if you want to learn more.

Do you have a strong opinion about leadership development for creative writers? Is there an amazing person or organisation you think we should have a conversation with as part of this project? Leave me a comment or email spreadsheetsandmoxie@gmail.com

Author: Viccy

I write prose, experiment with digital and collaborate with interesting people.

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