Writing exercise for a bride-to-be (or groom)

A quick writing exercise for a bride or groom in the run-up to their wedding.

While summer may be seen as peak wedding season, I know three fantastic couples celebrating their nuptials at the beginning of October. From my own experience last year, I remember how amazing and frenetic the final weeks are and how special it can be to take a pause and focus on how you’re feeling and what you’re looking forward to most. After a conversation with one of the brides yesterday, here’s a quick writing exercise for anyone wanting to capture some of their thoughts on paper in the run up to their celebrations.


IF YOU HAVE  30 MINS SPARE: For each of the following in turn, set a timer for 6 mins and free-write without editing yourself. When the timer goes off finish the word you’re writing, reset the timer and move onto the next sentence-stem.

IF YOU HAVE NO TIME AT ALL: Do one per day while the kettle boils for your morning tea/coffee.

1. My favourite thing about the preparations so far has been…

2. This time next year, the first thing I will remember will be…

3. On the day of the wedding itself I want to feel…

4. If I were my best friend, i’d tell myself to spend the next week…

5. If I could whisper something in my partner’s ear the night before the wedding it would be…


*As with any free-writing exercise, keep your eyes and your pen on the page and remember that you’re writing for your eyes only, not to share with anyone else. Enjoy losing yourself in the flow for a few minutes and appreciate the moment!


My own favourite piece of pre-wedding prep: checking the ring cushion fit on the surprise wedding pony and reminiscing with my mother about the pony my grandfather used to ride


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