How to fill the first 10 pages of your writing notebook without panicking

I love researching and I love thinking ideas through. Sometimes this means I get mired in my own head: getting thoughts onto paper becomes a chore because they're never going to be as good as they are in my head. If that chimes for you, scroll to the end of this post for a quick fix.

Spreadsheets & Moxie: the project begins

I'm writing this post on a train, heading for a week at the Arvon Clockhouse with fellow writer Sarah Salway. We're launching ourselves with enthusiasm into a year of R&D,¬†funded by Arts Council England, on what leadership looks like to women in the creative arts. My bags are packed with paper, crayons, literary card games … Continue reading Spreadsheets & Moxie: the project begins

‘Default Settings’ at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2016 #Storyshop

Broadcast live from the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2016 on Friday 19th August as part of the Unesco City of Literature #Storyshop series. Watch the replay online & remember to check out the readings from the other storyshoppers while you're at it.

The comfort of stories: in memoriam Hilda May

I've always believed that stories are powerful, complex things and over the past couple of weeks that has been brought sharply into focus for me as my gran suffered a severe stroke and, after 20 days in hospital, passed away peacefully on Friday morning. What can you do when there is nothing to be done? … Continue reading The comfort of stories: in memoriam Hilda May