‘Default Settings’ at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2016 #Storyshop

Broadcast live from the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2016 on Friday 19th August as part of the Unesco City of Literature #Storyshop series. Watch the replay online & remember to check out the readings from the other storyshoppers while you're at it.

Ten things about me on the Female First website

Jump over to Female First's website for an author feature of ten things you didn't know about me. No spoilers but an additional 11th thing would have to be that my grandmother was the first female union representative at Taskers Metals works in Andover. FYI, Female First is the UK's largest independently owned women's lifestyle magazine.

interview with Les Femmes Folles

Earlier this month Samantha and I were interviewed about our first collaborative digital book, Dirty Laundry, by Les Femmes Folles,an organisation and online journal supporting and celebrating all forms, styles and levels of art. Posting up the initial drafts made me think more deeply about my personal writing processes and how those were adapting to the … Continue reading interview with Les Femmes Folles

Part Two of my interview on ‘This is How We Make It’

I don’t think writing ever gets any easier; it does get more interesting. ... and the second half of my interview with on This is How We Make it is now live. My partner has more or less forgiven me for telling the world in Part One that he called me a bitch, so hopefully everyone … Continue reading Part Two of my interview on ‘This is How We Make It’

Part One of my interview on ‘This Is How We Make It’

eventually my partner sat me down and said, you’re a total bitch [...] The first part of my interview on This Is How We Make It, a blog dedicated to how creative people work, is now live, with the second half following next week.

Celebrating World Book Day with debut novelist Jane Alexander

I'll be back on STV Edinburgh's Fountainbridge show tonight (7-8pm), celebrating World Book Day with debut novelist Jane Alexander. World Book Day is a chance to show your love and appreciation for reading and for all things bookish. I'd encourage you to find a writer and give them a cup of tea and cake: a … Continue reading Celebrating World Book Day with debut novelist Jane Alexander

Flashing around: June 2014 round-up

Mildred passed Ernie the small silver jug of cream and he attempted to balance the blue cup and saucer on the thick ridges of his corduroy trousers. extract from 'Things We Do Not Talk About' June has been a flash-fiction month for me, perhaps appropriately as it has the shortest night of the year. National … Continue reading Flashing around: June 2014 round-up

Writing & book making workshop at VAMOS festival this Saturday

This coming Saturday (4th June) I'll be running a writing & bookmaking workshop in Newcastle with printmaker and book artist Theresa Easton as part of the VAMOS Festival. The workshop is FREE, but booking is required- to book a place click here. Our workshop is inspired by the history and art forms of Brazilian 'Cordel literature' … Continue reading Writing & book making workshop at VAMOS festival this Saturday

This is what a feminist looks like

  I converted back in 2007, over a conversation with my friend Sian in a youth hostel in Canada where I used the phrase ‘I’m not a feminist but…’ so many times I’m surprised she didn’t just punch me. Earlier this week I got a message from my long-term friend & collaborator, Samantha, asking me … Continue reading This is what a feminist looks like

Exhibition at Backlit Gallery

I'm off to Nottingham for the next ten days, for World Event Young Artist (twitter hashtag #WEYA). While I'm there, extracts from four of my linked short stories will be on display at Backlit Gallery. I'll also be giving a reading at Broadway at 6pm on Tuesday 11th September as part of the WEYA literature … Continue reading Exhibition at Backlit Gallery