interview with Les Femmes Folles

Earlier this month Samantha and I were interviewed about our first collaborative digital book, Dirty Laundry, by Les Femmes Folles,an organisation and online journal supporting and celebrating all forms, styles and levels of art. Posting up the initial drafts made me think more deeply about my personal writing processes and how those were adapting to the [...]

Digital book launch in New York with @twopoint_5 this Sunday

Woo hoo! This Sunday two.5 (myself and American photographer Samantha Silver) are launching our latest digital book, Recollections:12 vignettes from Lashihai Together with Flavorpill, our launch event will be held between 3pm & 6pm at 594 Broadway, 12th floor, suite 1212. Full details are on our Facebook event (feel free to RSVP) If you have an [...]

two.5’s digital Dirty Laundry launches today

Dirty Laundry is an internet-based digital book containing 12 interlacing short stories and photographic triptychs, presented as a custom-designed web app for iPad.   DOWNLOAD FOR FREE   The fruition of my first major collaboration with the American photographer Samantha Silver as two.5, we started DL in 2011 as a call-and-response project across the Atlantic Ocean, [...]

We’ve done it! (but there’s still time for you to donate)

We’ve passed our goal- but the campaign is still open to donations until midnight on Thursday if you want to get involved.

Thank you!

Thanks to all your generosity we’ve skipped past our goal. Now Viccy & Samantha can sit back with a cup of tea before sending out the last of your perks, while Mel & Asier of ADQ Design start building On The Same Page.

Our campaign is still open to donations until midnight on Thursday so if you’ve got your eye on one of our perks (Creative Writing feedback? A private photography shoot in NYC? Software files allowing you to publish your own work using our app template? The chance to be a beta-tester for On The Same Page?) then you have one last chance to grab the prize


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Final days of our crowdfunding campaign

Campaign closes on Thursday– donate now to help us build a simple, innovative and elegant way of displaying text/image collaborations digitally.

The two.5 crowdfunding campaign for On The Same Page ends this Thursday, 27 March 2014 at midnight GMT.

Nearly There

At time of typing this post we’ve raised a whopping £2,815 ($4,643): that’s 94.62% of our target. Thanks to all your generosity so far, we’re only £160 ($264) away from reaching our target goal. And when we hit that goal, the fees that Indiegogo charge us drop for 8% down to 4%, which means that more of your donation goes to art rather than admin.

We’ve got some great perks up for grabs, including the WRITING SPECIAL and the PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIAL, as well as professionally recorded audio stories, postcard sets featuring images from our Dirty Laundry series. For you fellow creatives interested in publishing text/image work as an app, a donation at SPANX level gets you our software files and a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

If you…

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Campaign update & perk featurette: BRA

It’s the final 10 days of our campaign– if you’ve been thinking about donating then now is the time to act and help us reach our goal!

It’s the final 10 days of our campaign for On The Same Page, and we’re 82%  funded. If you’ve been thinking about donating but haven’t found the time yet, PLEASE HELP US reach our goal by making your donation now.

 Visit our Indiegogo page to see our pitch video & browse the full list of perks.


£20 / $32

With this Bra, you’re giving us great support!

To show our appreciation for your BRA donation, we’ll send you an exclusive audio version of one of the stories from the Dirty Laundry series,  recorded by sound engineer Danielle Warman at Chiller Sound, read by professional voice actors Michael Kendrick & Lisette Silva and introduced by a personalised dedication from Viccy & Samantha.


Access to our secret Dirty Laundry Basket, where you can view previously unreleased images from the Dirty Laundry series, read the first drafts of the stories, and watch…

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The two.5 Valentine, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 everyone

Be our Valentine 2014

Two years ago today Samantha posted up the photos for the Valentine-themed Dirty Laundry #9, featuring two.5’s favourite model, Alex Dunbar. You may recognise Alex from the awesome undies shots we’ve been using to promote our crowdfunding campaign for On The Same Page, or from our video installation The Peripatetic Studio Broadcast (2012).

Valentine 2012   we love this man   We love Alex Dunbar

Last year – thanks to an Artists International Development grant from the Arts Council joint with the British Council – two.5 celebrated February 14th together with a Valentine Tea Party in Newcastle, where we got to feed cake to and chat with various lovely writers and artists (including several of our contributors to The Peripatetic Studio) and talk through our plans for editing Dirty Laundry and designing a way of displaying it to best advantage.

Valentine 2013  Valentine 2013  Valentine 2013

This year we’re sending out some special Valentine love to everyone who has donated to our campaign for…

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