If You Love Me, Let Me Go (short story)

Mind yourself as you come through there, please, the newspaper on the floor hasn’t been changed since yesterday.  Continue reading “If You Love Me, Let Me Go (short story)”

Endangered Species (short story)

Was I right to burn my bridges? Not the best call, environmentally speaking. Great plumes of black smoke and that lingering, queasy aftertaste in the air which must have been the plastic safety rail. Continue reading “Endangered Species (short story)”

Classified (flash fiction)

Lost: Twelve stone of useless weight that used to displace half the water in the bath and mock me, mock me, mock me for displacing more. Answers to the name ‘Mark’ reluctantly, preferring to watch old war movies or nail varnish drying on other women’s toenails. If found, please tell him to contact his mother and ask her to stop inviting me to Bridge classes.


Wanted: Pot of gold from end of rainbow. Any size of pot considered. No time wasters, no leprechauns.


Wanted: Sense of direction. Seller to deliver.


*first published in Classifieds by Equinox in 2012

Exhibition at Backlit Gallery

I’m off to Nottingham for the next ten days, for World Event Young Artist (twitter hashtag #WEYA). While I’m there, extracts from four of my linked short stories will be on display at Backlit Gallery. I’ll also be giving a reading at Broadway at 6pm on Tuesday 11th September as part of the WEYA literature programme.

The four stories are part of a larger collection called Steal This Book. The exhibition of the four stories provides QR codes for visitors to scan to read the whole thing or to listen to an audio version read by Andrew Thompson. For those of you not able to make it to Nottingham, here are the links for the full text and audio:

Take My Advice-Slip

Wish You Weren’t Here

Bound Together

Time For A Change

World Event Young Artists 2012

I’m delighted to be one of the literary-types from the UK selected to attend the World Event Young Artists showcase in Nottingham in a couple of weeks. Four of my short stories will be exhibited at the Backlit Gallery during the 10-day extravaganza- posters of the openings, with QR codes for you to read the endings at your leisure (& audio, hopefully). I’ll also be giving a reading on the 11th September, as part of Stories in the Studio, alongside writers from Argentina, Bolivia, Eygpt, Spain, and Zambia.

You can see the profiles of the 1,000 young (18-30) artists (including me) from 100 different countries who are going to be taking part up on the WEYA website, ditto the full events & exhibitions programme.

Are you going to be at WEYA 2012? Drop me a line (vsadams[at]gmail.com) & lets start a conversation.

Write for East Africa


He watched them running: slipping and grabbing each other’s hands and shoulders in an attempt to break through without breaking rank. The mud plastered their hair wetly against their scalps, making so many shadowed skulls where a moment before had been grim faces. He thought – and didn’t know why, except that with the deafening roar the open mouths could be as easily laughing as screaming – of seeing his childhood friends run through the jets of fireman’s hoses back home in London. Continue reading “Write for East Africa”

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