Recollections: 12 vignettes from Lashiahi (iPad only) Published by two.5 in 2015

Her father-in-law starved here. The funeral calls for thirteen grains of rice to be placed by the body and everyone in the villages scoured the fields but they could only find three.Recollections (2016)

Recollections is a digital artist’s book, published as a custom-designed web app by two.5 in 2015. It was shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize 2015 and won The People’s Choice Award.

Free to download (iPad only) from the two.5 website.

Contains 12 creative non-fiction pieces alongside 12 photo triptychs by America photographer Samantha Silver taken from a joint residency at Lijiang Studio in Lashihai, Yunnan province, South West China

Learning about calligraphy paper with Peace
image by Samantha Silver
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