Photos & poetry: Bespoke(n) at the V&A

Back in February, some of my poems from the Bespoke(n) project were exhibited at the fashion hall at the V&A Continue reading “Photos & poetry: Bespoke(n) at the V&A”

A Tailored View (with photos)

* The original version of this post was published, sans images, on the Bespoke(n) website*

One of the disturbing and joyful things about collaboration is that it opens you up to seeing the world through a different lens. Continue reading “A Tailored View (with photos)”

Bespoke(n) at the V & A: Friday 28 February

The writing and tailoring project Bespoke(n) will be exhibiting at the V&A Continue reading “Bespoke(n) at the V & A: Friday 28 February”

February writing round-up

Interior of the Barbican


We have a new piece up on The Peripatetic Studio: Laura Davidson talking about hunting for plug sockets and dystopian adventures at the Barbican centre in ‘Tethered to the Barbican‘. Continue reading “February writing round-up”

Bespoke(n) crowdfunding campaign: help us make coat tales

Image by Sarah Rogerson, featuring Judy Adams' button box
Image by Sarah Rogerson, featuring Judy Adams’ button box

Following on from my December post about visiting a female tailor’s studio in Hackney Wick, I’m delighted to announce that the Bespoke(n) project website is now live. You can read about the other writers & creatives involved in the project and follow our progress on the shared blog.

There’s also a small but VERY IMPORTANT crowdfunding campaign running from now until early February, through which you can pre-order a limited edition handmade artists books of the writing for £50, or a month’s worth of writing prompts (starting on Feb 14th, making it a perfect Valentine gift for yourself or your creative loved ones) for a mere £20. Strapped for cash after Christmas? £5 will get you a creative writing prompt printed on a pattern piece. If you’re unable to donate yourself but able to pass on word of the campaign to other interested parties, we’d appreciate it muchly.

Do you tailor your writing?

Writing and tailoring have a surprising amount in common, from drafting patterns/stories to weaving metaphorical and actual threads. So i’m very excited to be one of the writers on Helen Limon’s Bespoke(n) project, and that over the next few months I’ll have the opportunity to discuss and respond to the process of tailoring clothing for women.

Working with an artisinal women’s tailoring studio in Hackney Wick, Gold Coat,  a group of writers from across the UK will be producing an artist’s book-worth of writing. The project is funded by the Arts Council, but Helen will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in a few weeks to raise money to cover some extra dissemination possibilities.

Today, some of the Southern-based writers writers met up for (tasty) lunch and (productive/creative/introductory) chat at Stour Space, followed by a tour of Gold Coat’s studio. Here’s a selection of snaps from the studio, complete with cat and perforation tools. I’ll save the stories of blood, saliva, pigs and pyjamas for another time:

Gold Coat studio 04/12/13 Gold Coat studio 04/12/13 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7127 IMG_7126 IMG_7128 Gold Coat studio 04/12/13