Things are hotting up…

Unusual title for this time of year, but I've got something warm to look forward to. Or, rather, I have #WARMTH to look forward to. I've been invited to a Research and Development weekend in a mobile sauna to engage with a project created by space and design artist Bethany Wells. Sadly the R&D residency [...]

Anticipating a month of silence.

I'm leaving the UK for a month, for my residency at Lijiang Studio in Southern China as part of two.5's latest project. While we're away we'll be compiling a digital commonplace book of the area we're staying in and we'll be touring that in the UK & USA in Spring/Summer 2015. Depending on our access [...]

Making plans and new arrivals

Preparations for my residency in China (as two.5, with the American Photographer Samantha Silver) are starting to come together. We've both got our visas now, and my vaccinations are almost probably definitely up to date (if my mother is reading this then don't freak out- I've made a travel clinic appointment to double-check). I'm flying [...]