Relaxation (short story)

She has bought a box of supermarket sushi for lunch, but all the green spaces and benches in the centre of town are so packed with people. Loud people. She wants to go somewhere and relax. She would like to be able to enjoy her lunch in peace and quiet. She hates seeing so many … Continue reading Relaxation (short story)

‘Marching Orders’ published in Number Eleven magazine

Lunch ends with the head waiter kissing my grandmother on both cheeks. He calls her ‘beautiful girl’ and forgives her for not having eaten more than a few mouthfuls of her melanzane parmigiano. While she appreciates the attention, gran doesn’t understand it– the table behind us are beery loud, she’s slightly cross with me for paying, … Continue reading ‘Marching Orders’ published in Number Eleven magazine

Take My Advice-Slip (short story)

The ATM screen is flashing at me. Would I like an advice slip with my cash? I press the button for yes. This is the last withdrawal I can make for a while, unless I want to slip back into my overdraft. I need the printed reminder that I’m broke as a spur to action … Continue reading Take My Advice-Slip (short story)

Enjoying ‘The View From Here’

The first thing Janet sees in the art is her own reflection. The black-rimmed glass captures the outline of her face, and the rectangles on the wall behind her, and the chattering mouths of the couple heading towards the exit [...] My short story 'Payne's Grey', (inspired by the fourteen lucid and haunting watercolours in … Continue reading Enjoying ‘The View From Here’

Reconstruction (short story)

He bought the tape measure during one of his trips to Amsterdam, and shown it her as soon as he back. She remember the look of foolish pride on his face while he demonstrated its proportion-altering qualities. All the prostitutes use them, he’d said. To beef up their clients’ satisfaction.  After he fallen asleep that … Continue reading Reconstruction (short story)

Respiration (short story)

She had the day off work because the fish died.  It ruined the feng-shui of the building, apparently.  They were told not to come back until the official cleanser had performed the appropriate rituals.  She had brought bread in for them, sometimes.  The rumour was that it had taken an entire bottle of bleach.  That … Continue reading Respiration (short story)

If You Love Me, Let Me Go (short story)

Mind yourself as you come through there, please, the newspaper on the floor hasn’t been changed since yesterday.  We had some flooding earlier in the week, and it’s still a bit slippery.  That’s just one of the problems with these old outbuildings I can assure you; the only bits that don’t leak water are the … Continue reading If You Love Me, Let Me Go (short story)

Endangered Species (short story)

Was I right to burn my bridges? Not the best call, environmentally speaking. Great plumes of black smoke and that lingering, queasy aftertaste in the air which must have been the plastic safety rail. At least I’m still recycling, though quite how they’ll collect it now the main access route has gone, quite literally, up … Continue reading Endangered Species (short story)

I Miss Her (#shortstory)

I play my grandmother’s memory loss in a game for closeness. ‘Gene Richards,’ she says.  ‘I was thinking about him the other day.’ ‘He wasn’t at the funeral, was he?’ I say, because we had this conversation when I called in yesterday, and I want to both want to speed over it and humour her … Continue reading I Miss Her (#shortstory)

Out of Time (short story)

Ellie plays by my feet, pretending that the screwdriver set is a family of dolls.  I kick a bent nail away from her.  She has tracks of sawdust all over her dress and I make a mental note to brush her down before she goes back upstairs. Since John left to visit his mother I … Continue reading Out of Time (short story)