#100women100books launches online

Inspired by our Spreadsheets & Moxie residency in the Compton Verney 19th Century Women's Library back in January, we wanted to know what books were dear to the hearts and minds of contemporary women. So we asked 100 women in our lives - from toddlers to eighty year olds - what one book they'd like to see on our library's virtual shelves and why they'd recommend it. 

Talking about professionalism in the creative arts #spreadsheetsandmoxie

We think we’re great as we are. We don’t need to be fixed. But we do need to find new ways of using the strengths we have to support ourselves and our creative communities. Thanks to everyone who came to last week's talk about Spreadsheets & Moxie as part of the NCLA First Thursday series … Continue reading Talking about professionalism in the creative arts #spreadsheetsandmoxie

First Thursday event in Newcastle

Tomorrow lunchtime (2 March) I'll be chatting about the Spreadsheets & Moxie project and what Sarah Salway and I reckon it takes to develop and sustain a career from your creative practice. Part of the NCLA's First Thursday series, the event is designed to fit into your lunch hour and starts at 1pm in room 1.75 of the Bedson Building, … Continue reading First Thursday event in Newcastle