#Lexigraph wins inaugural STV Digital Spark Award

I’m absolutely delighted to report that my pitch for #Lexigraph won the inaugural STV Digital Spark award at the Dundee Literary Festival on Saturday. Continue reading “#Lexigraph wins inaugural STV Digital Spark Award”

#Lexigraph pause: but you can still vote

If you’ve enjoyed Lexigraphing with me over the past couple of weeks, then please do come along to the pitching event on Saturday night in Dundee- tickets are free and there’s also free craft ale from Eden Brewery. Continue reading “#Lexigraph pause: but you can still vote”

#Lexigraph: help me find the right words #STVspark

The visual world around us is teeming with words: adverts, street art, signposts, menus, newspapers, pub signs. We skim over them, extracting basic information and forgetting them as quickly as a cliché in conversation. Our attention might be momentarily arrested by an stylised font, quirky placement, bright colour or unusual size of lettering, but we’re busy people with places to go, activities to undertake and texts to read so we leave these words and we forget them. Continue reading “#Lexigraph: help me find the right words #STVspark”

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