Bilingual (Chinese/English), print edition of two.5’s award-winning iPad app.  Published by Lijiang Studio in 2016

They call them bachelor villages: populated by men who can’t persuade a woman to marry into their village. Their first choice is always for a Naxi woman but they’re in short supply these days, up on the mountain. The chances aren’t great that they’ll find a Han wife. Nobody wants a Tibetan as the women are so fierce and hit their men. Instead they look to Lisu and Bai. Or they leave the village and find work elsewhere, settle elsewhere. In thirty years time, probably, this village in the mountains won’t exist: all the young people are going to the cities.

Recollections (2016)

Recollections: 12 vignettes from Lashihai is a limited-run printed edition of our award winning iPad app.

Published by Lijiang Studio in 2016, this edition contains a Chinese translation alongside the original English text. Copies can be ordered from the two.5 website (free postage).

Contains 12 creative non-fiction pieces alongside 12 photo triptychs by America photographer Samantha Silver taken from a joint residency at Lijiang Studio in Lashihai, Yunnan province, South West China

Learning about calligraphy paper with Peace
image by Samantha Silver
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