*this time, do not drag and drop the wee yellow person*

*select ‘satellite view’ on the top left of the map and fly! fly! fly! to wherever your heart desires, enjoying the bird’s eye perspective on the world below you*



Story and concept – Viccy Adams

Voice artist – Molly Roberts

Music – Dave Smith

Additional photography – Fiona McLees

With thanks for support, editorial advice and practical know-how to everyone who fed into this trek a project, but particularly (in alphabetical order) to Jane Alexander; Pete Bennett; Lucy Christopher; Helen Sedgwick and Andrew Thompson

The setting for this story was inspired by my friends Sara and Ryan, who I hope will enjoy it so much that by the time they read this they will have forgiven me for stealing their wedding photos

This story was written and designed during the 2020 Lockdown and funded as part of Nesta’s Alternarratives pilot for writers exploring innovation. I’d like to denote my appreciation for all the team there, but especially Rachael and Amy, for believing in the original plan and for having faith in this pivot when the original became socially irresponsible in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic

Test, rate and provide feedback via BBC Taster


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