Take Tea With Turing contains music, animation, poetry and prose, inspired by the life and legacy of Alan Turing.

The anthology is available as a free app (IOS and Android) from the project website, which also features short essays about the inspiration behind each piece.

I compiled and edited TWT as part of my Leverhulme Trust writer in residence position at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh in 2011/12. Informatics is the science of information – how natural and artificial systems process, store and communicate information. The anthology was part of my creative response to the flurries of activity in the UK in 2012, celebrating the centenary of Turing’s birth and the continuing impact of his work on the world.

In designing the anthology, I wanted to play with the traditional ordering principles of printed books; the IOS version can be used alongside three fiducial markers, to aid serendipitous selection. Many of the pieces are available in multiple formats- as animations as well as audio files, as text as well as video. The contributors come from a range of backgrounds, from postdoctoral researchers in discourse structure to debut novelists.

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